Boeuf Bourguignon (Le Monde)

This week I decided to try Le Monde’s version of the French classic Boeuf Bourguignon. That was before I realised how laborious it was (I admit I started making it before I actually read through the recipe!).  But I must say the end result was deeeeeeelish!

A few weeks back I made Jarret de Boeuf and had wondered why they didn’t just call it Boeuf Bourguignon.  Now that I’ve finally got around to making the bourguignon, I understand why.  While the Jarret de Boeuf appears similar, especially in that you use the same ingredients and marinade in wine for several hours before slow cooking on the stove, I now see that the J.d.B cuts corners to give you a basic take on the more famous French stew.

The Bourguignon is just that bit more refined.  In fact, in step 6 they state “L’alerte olfactive saura vous avertir que les légumes sont bien sués. Odeur agréable et alléchante”, which I only understood when I suddenly smelled all these delicious aromas that made me think ‘f*** this smells good’, which in essence is what step 6 says. While I could easily leave the Jarret de Boeuf behind as a ‘been there, done that’, I’d be more than happy to add Le Monde’s version of Boeuf Bourguignon to my repertoire.  Just make sure you give yourself time, as there are quite a few steps to get through, including marinading for several hours, as well as having to strain the marinade/sauce twice (at two different stages). This dish definitly deserves all the acclaim that it receives.



Edmonds Banana Loaf

I grew up with my mum baking Edmonds Banana Cake, so it has a special place in my heart.

Since moving to France it’s become my staple ‘go to’ recipe when having guests over or heading out for gouter (afternoon tea) or gatherings with friends.  This past weekend I had a whole lot of over-ripe bananas but strangely enough I didnt feel like a sweet cake. Instead I felt myself craving a banana loaf, so turned to the trusty ol’ Edmonds and was relieved to have found they have their own recipe (yay!).

Not only was the Edmonds Banana Loaf easy-peasy and slightly less fussy than the Banana Cake, but it is soooo deliciously moist and dense, and with my own addition of dark chocolate chunks it is the PERFECT dish for gouter.

I think Banana Cake might have found itself a new rival 😉