Hubby free (and loving it!)

I so often blog when I”m annoyed, mostly because i prefer to actually enjoy and lap up the good times, which happen more often than not.

But i thought I’d blog right now, coz I can. And I have the time. But I dont want to waste this precious time, so it’s gonna be quick.

Over the next fortnight the hubby will leave me for a total of 6 nights, for one reason or another.  Each time he ‘remembered’ to tell me, I felt annoyed… and a bit ripped off. Like, when’s MY time off??

But living together 24/7 allows me to forget that I actually enjoy being solitary and having time to myself, to zone out and just ‘be’.  So the frustration was more to do with the fact that I’ll have to parent solo for that time.

But anyway, tonight marks the first night.  And it feels sooooo damn good to have baby in bed and to have done the housework.   Speaking of which, I’ve recently realised that I do housework more for myself than for anyone else. I honestly don’t even do it to keep up appearances, which is almost embarassing coz I feel like here in France people don’t get caught up on ‘the small stuff’ like housework.  So I know I don’t have to worry about impressing anyone else… on the contrary, I WISH I could leave the house looking like a casual mess to show how cool I am living with stuff strewn all over the place, but I just can’t.  I feel soooooo much more relaxed when the house is in order.

And now I have this time, all to myself. To do whatever I please. I don’t have to cook a nice nutritious meal for the hubby and I.  I can read to my heart’s content, lose myself in a movie, or just enjoy a refreshing vino while enjoying the last of the sunshine…  In fact, I’m gonna go do that right now.

Peace out homies 😉


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