A Mauri Assault: A Kuia’s Lesson in Dealing With Haters

This is me to a T. Thanks for putting my feelings into words – I have teouble with this ALL the time here in France, but unfortunately the French as a whole, lack respect for intercultural diversity when it’s not framed within their paradigm.

Exploring the Depths of the Maori Experience

Recently I read some belittling and demeaning comments with regards to where I had questioned another authors integrity. It caused a nerve with quite a few (non-Māori), who were then spurred on to write blogs, react and comment in a mostly relevant (although coming from a place of ignorance) debate. However, in an open online forum, an ‘Anonmyous’ commenter responded, failing to argue against my objections, but instead (they must of googled me) went to attack me personally.

It shot fire through me, my Nāti DNA kicked in, propelling me to leap in for a fight. Hell has no fury like a Nāti scorned! Traditionally, in Māori society, such insults would not have been taken lightly. Tapu (sacredness), mana (authority) and mākutu (powers) were used to regulate and limit bad behavior, but the digital world is under no such lore, unregulated it is a platform for the angry, the lonely, and…

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