Calling All “Pākehā Priority Learners”!

I really loved the full consciousness with which this post was written. Awesome!


Recently I’ve been marinating on the idea of “priority learners”. Over the last few years the term has been popping up in NZ education lingo.

dialog3 From what I’ve read, priority learners are Māori, Pasifika, those from materially poor households/communities and ‘disabled’ young people ( Education Review Office, 2012 ).

The aim of focussing on these young people is to ensure that they are not underserved by the education system. Moreover, that they can make a economic and social contribution when they’re adults (Prime Minister John Key, 2012).

I think the whole notion of a “priority learner” is kind of odd, and a little misguided. In NZ we seem to have a knack on focusing on “people with the problems”. This is commendable – we need to look at who isn’t doing well. But I reckon it misses a deeper, and more nuanced appreciation of the problem. I think we need to critically look at why…

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