Nov 13, 2015

It’s actually kinda surreal to be in this situation yet again. Moreso because of the scale of the attacks…. and that we were just in Paris, at a concert hall, last week.  Republique, one of several sites which were hit last night, is also in my husband’s neighbourhood.  He grew up metres away from Republique and has childhood friends still living in the area.

So yeah…. a fucken shock to say the least.  But our family and friends all appear to be safe.  And for the moment, thats the main thing.

I don’t really know what else to say really.  It’s funny that I wrote about the French divorcing themselves from their emotions last week. It annoys the hell out of me normally.  Of course in true French fashion people are calling for ‘sang froid’ (which literally means cold blood, but which refers to keeping your cool and thinking rationally), and using reason and logic to make it through the next few days, rather than getting upset about the events.  Obviously I applaud these efforts…. but even so, I am scared that this rhetoric won’t help to avoid the kneejerk reactions that are bound to follow.

While I’m still processing everything, a couple of things should be noted.  First, at least one of the assailants was a French citizen.  Second, hundreds of people around the world have died from extreme terrorist attacks this week. France’s pain shouldn’t be seen as more important than any other nation’s.  We should have empathy and compassion for everyone, who in turn, will show us empathy and compassion when we need it.

Anyway, in light of that, I’m gonna post a pic that I came across today, titled ‘world map of tragedy’.



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