An equal playing field?

Great blog Sophie 🙂

On Life and Such

I have worked my arse off to get to where I am now. Ok, so I’m still studying, but I have a well-earned, well-paid career in secondary teaching ahead of me. I studied hard in school, paying attention in class and diligently doing my homework on weeknights whilst others were wagging and going to booze-ridden parties. I continued to work hard at uni, yes, living at home, but working 20 hours a week to afford to have a life because ‘sorry’ my parents ‘earned too much’ for me to get the government handout.

Now, you could say: ‘damn those people who get free money and didn’t have to work a 10 hour shift the day before the exam’

You could say ‘damn those people who complain about not being paid enough because they didn’t pay attention in school and haven’t worked the hard yards’

And I would agree with you…

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