New Zealand, I do not understand you!?

So I’m currently en vacances (vacation) in the heart of France.  It’s so lovely to spend long, lazy days by the poolside, eating fresh cherries after a 3 course meal with cheese and wine. I love being a complete gourmand day after day after day.  I love summer and this is the perfect summer living.


Except that I can’t help but wonder what the hell is happening in my homeland. And it concerns me so much that while I am lazing in the sun, in the centre of France, I am trying to figure out how New Zealand has seriously come to be in a position where no-one, apparently, gives enough of a shit to do something, anything, about the current National government.


I don’t understand how, apparently, John Key’s popularity is hardly waning.


I don’t understand how he and his cabinet ministers can do what in other countries is considered corrupt, and no-one bats an eyelash.


I don’t understand that Paula Benefit can get away with such blatant hypocrisy, having ‘benefitted’ from the exact policies that she has taken away from other such needy people.


I don’t understand how National can pass a bill giving the GCSB more freedom and less accountability.  That would NEVER happen here in France.  I mean, what the truck is happening when the head of state (ok, lets just forget about the symbolism of old Queenie and the Govt. General), who in other countries is the freakin overseer of spy services, tells them “nah bro, its all good. You don’t need me to keep an eye on you and make sure you’re not doing dodgy stuff, abusing your power and reporting back to the world’s watchdog, the USA”.


I don’t understand how the National government can seriously look at signing up to the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, when pretty much anyone with half a brain can see it will ONLY benefit big business. Plus signing up to the TPPA will pretty much erode the rights of a civic society. Ummmmm isn’t it the Governments’ job to ensure the continuation of civic society.  Oh silly me, not in New Zealand! (something else I don’t understand).


I dont understand why it seems that in general, no-one gives a shit about the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA). I mean, if a future government chooses to implement policies to actually help the population, and a corporation believes this could be ‘bad for business’, they can sue our government.  Its as simple as that.  And it is no laughing matter.  Law suits against various local/regional/national Governments’ around the world have already taken place because of supposed ‘violations’ of trade agreements.  That is where NZ is heading if people ignore the reality.


I don’t understand how, in a world where neo-liberal economics (the economic ideology which National prescribes to), has FINALLY started to show its ugly colours, the New Zealand Government can continue to push their agenda without anyone kicking up a fuss.


I don’t understand, that in a country where I’m sure people do care about the health and wellbeing of their community, we have a government which creates policy after policy which basically destroys the social fabric of our society.


I don’t understand how people do not see through John Key and his bull.  I mean, he is not a great actor and there’s plenty of evidence to demonstrate most of the stuff that comes out of his mouth is kaka.


I don’t understand that when people talk about what is happening, the average Kiwi simply refuses to acknowledge just how serious the issues are, instead preferring to turn a blind eye with the argument that ‘Key’s just the average kiwi guy’.  Yeah coz the average kiwi guy is a millionaire banker, who’s been adorned with the nickname ‘smiling assassin’ and has been a head executive for one of the investment banks which helped kick start the 2008 financial crisis (Merrill Lynch, if anyone’s wondering)! As if none of these give us a clue about his morals…….


I can understand that lots of people simply aren’t interested in politics. What I can’t understand is that those of us who are interested in politics, who have experienced or studied politics and economics, and can clearly explain, describe and interpret what is happening at a local, regional and global level, are simply ignored. I guess people have more faith in a wank… I mean, banker with no sound understanding of democracy, civic society, the purpose of government nor how it should function – this, I do not understand.


And I sooooooo dont understand National voters.  Considering New Zealand has become a world class example of the rapid growth of inequality that stems from our current economic system, it just does not make any bloody sense that anyone aside from rich BIG business owners would vote National.  In fact the wealthy and big business owners are quite literally the only National supporters that do make sense, and while I disagree with the politics, I understand and respect their arguments. But I just do not understand and find it really hard to find any valid reason why those who are not wealthy, nor own big businesses, would vote National.


In case a lil politics 101 might help, in a democracy, a government is voted in BY the people FOR the people.  And if the people do not agree with the direction a Government is going, it is their right, their responsiblity and their duty to let the Government know that this is not ok.  This can take place through various forms of protest, through citizen initiated referndums and through simply getting involved in community boards/associations and helping each other to be informed.  So I can only assume that our Government is acting like a child in a fricken candy store because New Zealanders actually think all of this is ok and are thus happy to sit down and watch it all roll out.


But I have a suspicion they don’t actually agree (or at least, I hope they don’t).


So, with that in mind, New Zealand I love you but I just do not understand why you’re letting all of this happen!?


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