Ma Raison D’etre

This blog serves a couple of purposes. It’s partly about me jumping on the bandwagon (god knows my Facebook friends would love another outlet for my rants!). It is also an attempt to share some of my life experiences and opinions. But the impetus for this blog is *drum roll please* my impending move to France. Since coming to terms with the idea, more than a few people have said they’d follow my blog.  So here we are.

Before we get started, the most important things one need know about me are that I hail from Porirua, just north of Wellington in Aotearoa, New Zealand; I whakapapa to Te Pakakohi/Ngaruahine (Taranaki) and Tuhoe/Te Whanau a Apanui (Bay of Plenty); I love ice cream, dogs, blissing out in the sunshine, sipping red wine with friends (white with raclette) and hanging out with my family, which as of 2016 includes my beautiful baby boy, my Petit-Bubba.  I have always had a love for history and geography and I get a kick out of politics.

As a disclaimer, everyone who knows me well will tell you I am passionate – to a fault – but that my heart is in the right place. My views may conflict with others and I accept this, I know well that the world is full of diversity – this is what makes it beautiful!

So anyway, kia ora, bonjour and welcome to my space 🙂

Peace out


*Kiwi and Frog images courtesy of Hayes Roberts (2012) Bluebison illustrations. Retrieved from



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